Christmas 2018

Finally finished my grandson Christmas quilt. I made it from a Cindy Taylor Clark pattern. I made a few changes to make it special for my grandson. I added a string of Christmas light to the border. I made the cat to look like my grandson’s cat and the dog to look like my dog. Instead of putting on the antique doll, I added a Minion for him. Thank you Lord for the ability to create this quilt and to finish it on time.




Following a path

Have you ever wondered about what path you are on in life, your goals? Just when I think I know where I am suppose to be or what I am suppose to be doing the Lord sends me in a different direction. We need to always be prepared to take that bend in the road and obey  God’s leading. It may be to share Christ with someone, to give a lifting hand or just an encouraging smile. Have you been a blessing to someone today?  Especially during this time of the year, when emotions can run either extremely low or high, we can be the one to give an encouraging word. When I am shopping, I always tell the cashier, ” have a blessed day”. I am surprised time and time again when they respond with ” Thank you, I really needed that.”

I love this time of the year, I love making gifts to give to others. when I am making a gift for someone I always pray for that person while I make the gift. This year I am hoping to finish a gift I started 5 years ago for my daughter. It is a king size quilt. I gave her the top all pieced for a gift at Christmas 2010, since I have been gradually hand quilting it. I pray this is the year I will give her the finished quilt, as she sleeps under it I hope she will feel all the prayers I lifted up to the Lord on her behalf.2BE75BE3-0669-457D-AB6A-FD3CC5ADB53C







Another school year has come and gone. This year I volunteered in my grandson’s 1st grade class every week. I always enjoy seeing how much the students have grown not only in height but in their knowledge. This year the students and I planned a quilt for their teacher to give to her, at the end of the school year. I traced their hands and then they told me their favorite color. I cut their hands out of fabric in their favorite color. I then had them sign their name to their hand. The hands were stitched to the background fabric using a blanket stitch. The background fabric had pictures of postcards all over it. The students had collected postcards from all over the US.  The Oak leaves were placed between the leaves. The oak leaves were to represent the students as a young saplings and how they grow mighty and strong. On the label on back I wrote the last stanza from the poem, The Oak Tree by Johnny Ray Ryder Jr.

” Until today I wasn’t sure

Of just how much I could endure

But now I’ve found, with thanks to you

I’m stronger than I ever knew.”

Teacher's Quilt


A Day to Remember, Past & Present

imageThis day on, January 7, 1918, my father was born. I have many wonderful memories from my childhood spending many hours outside with him, working in the yard or planting vegetables and flowers. I miss him greatly, he passed June 15, 2011, at the age of 93.

imageNow today, is another memorable day, this evening my dear hubby is being ordained as a Deacon in our church. I am so proud of him and look forward to being his helpmate as he serves as a Deacon.


Achievements at the End of 2014

Christmas TotesChristmas TotesWell 2014 was definitely a year of change. The older I get the harder it seems to accept change. In August I started making Christmas gifts, not wanting to leave them to the last minute as usual. Barely got started when my dear hubby of 45 years announced it was time to downsize. This came as a complete shock as I thought the house we were living in was going to be the house we would spend the rest of our lives. We prayed about this decision and then things started happening really fast. We talked with our realtor on Saturday and by Sunday had our first showing. The house sold in two weeks. The apartment we wanted to move to had an apartment that was going to be available just before the closing on our house. Needless to say the whole month of September was spent in packing, having garage sales and seeing what else we could downsize.
Well mid October we moved into our new apartment a few weeks before we closed on the house. Boy was the Lord ever present in this move, everything went like clock work. I took another month getting settling in at the apartment.
Okay November, back to sewing those Christmas gifts, I said I wasn’t going to wait until the last minute again this year. I actually finished December 23rd, not the usual late on the night before Christmas.
I am very much a believer of making gifts, as I think they really speak that I really thought about the person I made a gift. When I am making my gifts, I do think about that person and also pray for them. This is also a challenge, when I make a gift for a person I have never met or only seen a few times. This is the case of the gifts I made for the workers at my daughter’s group home. Some of them I have never met and others I am getting to really know. But I wanted them all to know how much I really appreciate all their work they do at the group home. It is not an easy job working with the disabled daily. I say God bless you all.
Now it is time to look at the year ahead of me, and to see what the Lord has in store for me and my family. The one thing I know, we must always be open for change, and move forward to whatever the Lord has for us.



Over the past month, I have been moving, packing, having garage sales, selling the house, and now unpacking. It is not easy to downsize when you have spent 45 years accumulating “stuff”. Through this time I have cried, been angry and yes, depressed. I have been a total Jonah, kicking and screaming my way to Niveveh, not wanting to leave my dream home. But as a dear sister in Christ told me, you know, many people never do get their dream home. I have been blessed to have had mine for 6 years.
I know the Lord has been in total control throughout this move. From the very beginning when the decision was made to downsize. We made the decision on a Saturday, called our realtor and had our first showing on Sunday. Had a contract in 7 days and another couple also was interested in it. The first contract fell through but the 2nd couple bought it. The whole selling process went very smoothly. We could see the Lord’s hand through it all.
As much as I didn’t want to move into an apartment, I see this as a new mission field for my husband and myself. I already have two new friends in the Lord here and we are starting a Bible study going through the New Testament in chronological order. It is going to be an exciting time and we look forward to others joining us.
Am I all the way to Niveveh, no, but I am making progress each and everyday.


New Mexico Mission Trip

imageimageimageI am exhausted, but a happy exhausted. Saturday I arrived back in Tampa, Florida from spending a wonderful week in Farmington and Aztec, New Mexico.
A team of 13 went from our church to go and help a very small church in Aztec. I spent the week helping out with Vacation Bible School. I had a ball with those 20 students, ranging from 6 to 12 years old. It was a tremendous joy to see one young boy accept The Lord as his savior.
The men in our team worked very hard getting dusty and down right dirty everyday. They graded a new parking lot and laid down several loads of gravel.
Along with that, they cleared away brush and trees from along the side of the road, which made the church more visible from the road. The church was so appreciated with all the work we did.
A third section of our team went to one of the small parks in Farmington each day and held a block party. At the block party they had a bouncy house, snow cones and the teenage girls from the group did face painting. This group divided in two and one part stayed at the park manning the block party while the other park canvassed the neighborhood doing a survey to find out if people were attending church, wanted to attend a church or would be interested in attending a Bible study, thirty were interested in attending a Bible Study. Tired but crazy busy for The Lord.




Busy, Busy, Crazy

imageWell, I spent last week at Ft. Walton Beach for our 45th Wedding Anniversary. It was wonderful, and so relaxing reading on the patio of our condo and listening to the waves crashing onto shore. I read the book, “Crazy Busy” by Kevin DeYoung. This is just not another book on tips on how to be more organized, but with biblical tools to examine the true motives to why we are so truly BUSY.  Let’s look at Proverbs 19:21 “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” When we look at all THE STUFF we have on our daily schedules, are they things we want to do, are they things we have to do, are they thing we feel we should do or are they things The Lord has guided us to do?  We should search all these areas of our Busy Crazy days. Once we start to analyze each of these questions we can get to the heart of the problem. Yes, we were created to be busy, but be busy with what?  Now let’s look at the second half of our verse, “but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” Our desires should be doing the work of The Lord. Where are your desires? Are you following your heart or the Lord’s? I pray each day that I will be more aware of my busyness and for whom am I being busy.