No Other Gods

It can be over whelming when one discovers that their hobby has become a god to them. It takes over and wants you to put everything and everyone else aside. Quilting has almost become that god to me, but I realized what was happening and have looked with a new eyes at my priorities  to God, Family, Others and yes Hobbies (mainly quilting). We can try and justify the numbers of hours we spend on our hobbies, well I am making gifts, saving us money. How about this one, it is keeping me busy and out of trouble.  All the while the things we should be doing are brushed aside for the sake of our god, the hobby. I know my Heavenly Father gave me the talent for hand appliqué, but how I use that talent should be to glorify my Heavenly Father not myself.  I do not plan on giving up on appliqué or hand quilting but I do plan on putting it back into it’s proper place in my life. I pray that the quilts I make will show God’s love, beauty and warmth. I have had plenty of time in the last week to reflect on this. This week and next week I will be pampering my right wrist, I have a touch of tendinitis. 


3 thoughts on “No Other Gods

  1. BUSTED!!!!!
    I am SO guilty of the very same thing but you have so very eloquently expresses the thoughts I am pushing aside. I spend a lot of my quilting time with quiet worship music ans sometimes listening to the Bible on tape.
    I have put Love Entwined on the get to someday list along with several Di Ford’s projects. Thank you for the inspirational thoughts. Its just what I needed today.

  2. Yes. However, most of us are not willing to admit it even if we do realize it. Then someone has a vulnerable moment and voices their struggles or weaknesses and shares it with others and we can see ourselves through this. Sometimes I am a real coward when it comes to admitting my struggles and other times I voice them loud and clear. I am afraid we live in a culture that that discourages vulnerability and weakness and shames those who are open up and this is where healing begins to take place.
    I actually gave up quilting or rather put it aside for the month of August last year. It lasted 19 days. At first I had to explain why I was not quilting and then realize just how much of my time and mental energy was involved in it then I started making a plan for what I would do when I was no longer not quilting. I spent the time getting up early because I was not up late and doing morning devotions and journalling.
    Might be time to get back to that. sigh. I have so much to do and yet, if I deliberately put God first in my day, I am more efficient and accomplish more.

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