Love Entwined Part 3 Completed

Finally after 2 months of no stitching due to tendinitis, I finally finished part 3. It is so good to be back stitching and creating a better sets of priorities. As I work on the beautiful quilt I think of new beginnings. This is a wedding coverlet, which means it was originally made for a new beginning. This past Sunday we also celebrated another new beginning with Resurrection Sunday. It started with Sunrise Service at 7am. As the sun came up and peeked through the clouds, we could see a beautiful dove and cardinal sitting on the wires above our Pastor’s head. What a beautiful sight The Lord provided for us. After the Sunrise Service, we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with our Sunday School class, everyone brought something to share. Then after Sunday School we attended main service with lots of wonderful worship music and an amazing message from our Pastor. It was such a blessing to have been able to share the day with our church family.

Love Entwined Part 3 Completed


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