New Mexico Mission Trip

imageimageimageI am exhausted, but a happy exhausted. Saturday I arrived back in Tampa, Florida from spending a wonderful week in Farmington and Aztec, New Mexico.
A team of 13 went from our church to go and help a very small church in Aztec. I spent the week helping out with Vacation Bible School. I had a ball with those 20 students, ranging from 6 to 12 years old. It was a tremendous joy to see one young boy accept The Lord as his savior.
The men in our team worked very hard getting dusty and down right dirty everyday. They graded a new parking lot and laid down several loads of gravel.
Along with that, they cleared away brush and trees from along the side of the road, which made the church more visible from the road. The church was so appreciated with all the work we did.
A third section of our team went to one of the small parks in Farmington each day and held a block party. At the block party they had a bouncy house, snow cones and the teenage girls from the group did face painting. This group divided in two and one part stayed at the park manning the block party while the other park canvassed the neighborhood doing a survey to find out if people were attending church, wanted to attend a church or would be interested in attending a Bible study, thirty were interested in attending a Bible Study. Tired but crazy busy for The Lord.


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