Achievements at the End of 2014

Christmas TotesChristmas TotesWell 2014 was definitely a year of change. The older I get the harder it seems to accept change. In August I started making Christmas gifts, not wanting to leave them to the last minute as usual. Barely got started when my dear hubby of 45 years announced it was time to downsize. This came as a complete shock as I thought the house we were living in was going to be the house we would spend the rest of our lives. We prayed about this decision and then things started happening really fast. We talked with our realtor on Saturday and by Sunday had our first showing. The house sold in two weeks. The apartment we wanted to move to had an apartment that was going to be available just before the closing on our house. Needless to say the whole month of September was spent in packing, having garage sales and seeing what else we could downsize.
Well mid October we moved into our new apartment a few weeks before we closed on the house. Boy was the Lord ever present in this move, everything went like clock work. I took another month getting settling in at the apartment.
Okay November, back to sewing those Christmas gifts, I said I wasn’t going to wait until the last minute again this year. I actually finished December 23rd, not the usual late on the night before Christmas.
I am very much a believer of making gifts, as I think they really speak that I really thought about the person I made a gift. When I am making my gifts, I do think about that person and also pray for them. This is also a challenge, when I make a gift for a person I have never met or only seen a few times. This is the case of the gifts I made for the workers at my daughter’s group home. Some of them I have never met and others I am getting to really know. But I wanted them all to know how much I really appreciate all their work they do at the group home. It is not an easy job working with the disabled daily. I say God bless you all.
Now it is time to look at the year ahead of me, and to see what the Lord has in store for me and my family. The one thing I know, we must always be open for change, and move forward to whatever the Lord has for us.


2 thoughts on “Achievements at the End of 2014

  1. Dear Turtle, I have been back reading your blog, my goodness I’m not sure how you find time to help at your grandsons school, help your hubby now with his Deacon work which is always much more than an average persons work load for some reason and then still make a quilt for your DGS teacher. Sending a big hug to you as a thank you, you are what makes this world so beautiful. Hugs Glenda

    • Dear Glenda, my Lord and Savior is my main desire, and I hope in everything I do or say is as unto Him. Whether it be making a quilt for someone special, bagging groceries, cleaning the house, or making dinner, I give Him the glory as I couldn’t do any of it without Him. Yes, as you can see quilting is one of my passions. I try and find time each day to do a little stitching but I am way behind on my LE. Next week is Vacation Bible School and I will be teaching the 1st grade, after that I hope to get back on track with the Love Entwined and some of my UFOs wall hangings.
      Have a very blessed day.

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