Following a path

Have you ever wondered about what path you are on in life, your goals? Just when I think I know where I am suppose to be or what I am suppose to be doing the Lord sends me in a different direction. We need to always be prepared to take that bend in the road and obey  God’s leading. It may be to share Christ with someone, to give a lifting hand or just an encouraging smile. Have you been a blessing to someone today?  Especially during this time of the year, when emotions can run either extremely low or high, we can be the one to give an encouraging word. When I am shopping, I always tell the cashier, ” have a blessed day”. I am surprised time and time again when they respond with ” Thank you, I really needed that.”

I love this time of the year, I love making gifts to give to others. when I am making a gift for someone I always pray for that person while I make the gift. This year I am hoping to finish a gift I started 5 years ago for my daughter. It is a king size quilt. I gave her the top all pieced for a gift at Christmas 2010, since I have been gradually hand quilting it. I pray this is the year I will give her the finished quilt, as she sleeps under it I hope she will feel all the prayers I lifted up to the Lord on her behalf.2BE75BE3-0669-457D-AB6A-FD3CC5ADB53C






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