Over the past month, I have been moving, packing, having garage sales, selling the house, and now unpacking. It is not easy to downsize when you have spent 45 years accumulating “stuff”. Through this time I have cried, been angry and yes, depressed. I have been a total Jonah, kicking and screaming my way to Niveveh, not wanting to leave my dream home. But as a dear sister in Christ told me, you know, many people never do get their dream home. I have been blessed to have had mine for 6 years.
I know the Lord has been in total control throughout this move. From the very beginning when the decision was made to downsize. We made the decision on a Saturday, called our realtor and had our first showing on Sunday. Had a contract in 7 days and another couple also was interested in it. The first contract fell through but the 2nd couple bought it. The whole selling process went very smoothly. We could see the Lord’s hand through it all.
As much as I didn’t want to move into an apartment, I see this as a new mission field for my husband and myself. I already have two new friends in the Lord here and we are starting a Bible study going through the New Testament in chronological order. It is going to be an exciting time and we look forward to others joining us.
Am I all the way to Niveveh, no, but I am making progress each and everyday.